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The Tennis Tree was founded in 2017 in Kolkata by two international level tennis players – Farid Alam and Shivika Burman.

Shivika has been an under-16 national tennis champion, a #1 ranked junior tennis player and has won 9 consecutive tournaments in the United States. She has travelled to more than 50 countries in her professional tennis career and holds the proud distinction of competing in the junior grand slams.

Passion for the sport and the sheer love which she received across the globe encouraged her to share her knowledge and experience as head coach of Tennis Tree which she co-founded with Farid.

Farid has been a #1 ranked state level tennis player in mens’ singles and doubles titles. He has represented West Bengal in National Games and various national tournaments. He has a coaching experience of more than 17 years covering U.S. Tennis academies and a coaching certification from International Tennis Federation. Farid has tutored 8 of the top 30 ranking tennis players in India.

He has worked as an Assistant to the coach of the Indian Davis Cup team and as an Assistant Head Coach in Calcutta South Club under the legendary Head Coach, Mr. Akhtar Ali for 10 years.

The Tennis Tree is the culmination of the dreams and passions of both Shivika and Farid to nurture kids and provide them the right techniques, professional training, international level infrastructure, holistic development and mentorship to transform these budding players into world class tennis champions.

The academy offers 8 distinct programs to cover all play levels (from beginners to professional level players), all age groups (kids, adolescents, adults, seniors) and genders. Programs are designed keeping the different purposes of the players in mind, thereby catering to sports careers, fitness goals, recreation and other such motivations.

Coaches with varying degrees of coaching experience and certifications are appropriately assigned according to the play level of the student.

According to the objective, age, skill level and motivation of the player, they are mentored by Shivika, Farid and their team to undergo a holistic training program which includes skill training, fitness training, nutrition & mental strength development.

The academy focuses on mentoring its students to develop life skills like discipline and an attitude of self-improvement, perseverance and triumph in all facets of life.

Students and their parents often face the tyranny of choosing between a sports career and academics ; thereby compromising either of them. Farid and Shivika always endeavour to assure that the sports career of students is contributive and not a hindrance to their academic career. Using their international experience, they often guide young players to participate in international tournaments, establish their international credentials and apply to foreign universities for sports scholarships.

With a dedicated team of coaches as well as students, The Tennis Tree has been able to nurture and cultivate the best tennis players in the country.

Join us on an exciting game of life and tennis!