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The Tennis Tree offers 8 distinct programs to comprehensively cover
Different play levels  – Beginners to Professional Players,
Age brackets  – 4+ year old children to senior citizens
And motivations – to play at the national & international level and pursue tennis as a career, playing for recreation, playing for a healthy lifestyle etc.

The academy also offers gender specific programs (the Female Program) & camps for kids and adults.

Please choose from the list of Programs mentioned below :

Pro Tennis Coaching

The program is designed for players interested in pursuing Tennis as a professional career. It includes 5 to 6 hours of training, 6 days a week by advanced level coaches. Tennis specific fitness training as well as weight training by qualified fitness trainers are part of the program.

Players are mentored by former national and international champions to develop mental grit and a winning mindset

Tennis Pro Training
tennis tree programs kids camp

Kids' Camp

This program aims to introduce kids to tennis.

It is designed for kids of different age groups (4 years to 18 years) who want to start playing tennis for the first time in their lives. The program helps kids to develop an interest in the sport and gives them a basic idea about the game.

Individual Lessons

Members may opt for individual lessons giving them the flexibility of choosing the days and timings of their lessons.

They may choose the coach they desire to train with.

This program is intended for a wide range of audience from kids to adults & from beginners – who wish to start learning tennis, to professionals – who wish to hone their specific skills.

tennis tree programs international scholarships

International Scholarship Program

Pursuing a career in professional tennis should not deprive our students of a great academic career, but should rather be a driving force in achieving their life goals.

With this vision in mind, The Tennis Tree provides full assistance  to our students in getting admissions to some of the best colleges in USA with upto 100% scholarship.

Under our tutelage, more than 10 students have already received admissions to top USA universities with scholarships.

Semi Advanced Program

The program is designed for individuals in the age group of 10 to 14 years, who have already learnt the basics of the game and are now ready to train for state-level tournaments.

Rigorous tennis lessons, physical fitness and mental strength development are integral parts of this program.

tennis tree programs semi advanced

Grassroots Program

This is one of the best programs in the country for kids in the age group of 7 to 10 years of age.

This program aims to develop very young kids with sound basics and fundamentals and train them to compete in ‘Under 10’ state-level tournaments.

Adult Camp

This camp aims to provide coaching to adults where they learn a new sport and make it their lifestyle habit. Many adults join for different reasons. Some for fitness and some just for the joy of learning a new sport.

Our program is designed in such a way that the adults who are starting out can learn in a disciplined, friendly environment.

Gender specific Coaching

This is a special coaching program designed for adult women.

The program enables them to learn Tennis from our professional coaches in specific batches at convenient timings.

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